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Strathclyde Business School Scholarships

Stephen Young Global Leaders’ Scholarship programme
and the Strathclyde MBA

To be considered:

  • You must have an offer to study an MBA programme with Strathclyde Business School before applying for a scholarship.
  • You must be able to demonstrate exceptional academic merit
  • Awards will only be made following successful interview
  • Duplicate applications will not be considered. Any standard or clearly template-based SOP/Personal Statement/Duplicate Programme essay answers uploaded will be disregarded and the application not considered for a Scholarship
  • Due to volume of applications, only successful applicants will be notified
  • To apply for a scholarship, you should complete all the fields below and click "Proceed"

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Upload a maximum 1000 word statement demonstrating, through your ideas, experience and future career plans, including your reasoning for joining your chosen programme, why you should be awarded this scholarship


At University of Strathclyde we are a socially progressive community and put sustainability at the heart of our strategy through commitment to deliver against the United Nations Sustainable

Development Goals. In addition to our over-arching socially progressive values, the Strathclyde community has specific values which clearly demonstrate our raison d’être. We are:

  • BOLD

You are ambitious and that can be evidenced via the exceptional academic success you have achieved to date, and equally importantly, how you have gone about realising your ambitions via your current career path. As an MBA and SYGL candidate, we want to gain insight into:

  • what your ambitions are going forward
  • how you would make the most of this extraordinary opportunity
  • do you have the makings of a future global leader in the turbulent times we live in?

Having set the scene for our selection process, please now answer the following questions:


We seek bold, visionary thinkers who are curious, open-minded, analytical, eager for cross-cultural perspective, unafraid to challenge conventionality and ready to creatively address our world’s important challenges.

We expect you may already have put some of your original ideas and intellectual ability to good use in your career and life to date. We are keen to hear about this, so please give us an example of how you have applied bold and visionary thinking in your career to date and what kind of impact did it have? (max 350 words)


Strathclyde Business School is a signatory to the UN Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) and continues to support and commit to the PRME principles, which are largely inspired by the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Social responsibility and sustainability are issues of concern for business, industry, professional bodies and individuals. With increasing pressures and challenges around the world in areas such as energy, the environment, financial regulation, living conditions and inequality, future leaders have a duty to play their part in creating positive social impact.

Consequently, we seek SYGL scholars who have the potential to be courageous leaders in our post-Covid world. You will be ethical, decisive, resilient, driven to achieve meaningful results, and motivated to inspire others to effect positive change at scale.

Please provide us with an example of how you have created positive social impact in your career or personal life to date? (max 350 words)


We seek collaborative, community-minded Scholars who, in addition to leadership potential, can demonstrate that they are deeply passionate about contributing to the greater good. We expect you to be humble and kind, trustworthy, supportive and accountable and willing to embrace difference.

What personal attributes do you possess that makes you an ideal SYGL scholar and a sustainable and principled global leader of the future? (max 350 words)


 All applications submitted online via this formal application form, will be shortlisted by an SBS panel. Thereafter, a Selection Committee will review short-listed candidates and invite them to interview. The Selection Committee will be chaired by the Executive Dean of SBS or his/her nominee and include the Academic Director of the SBS MBA programme and other senior academic representatives. Decisions of the Selection Committee shall be made by simple majority. If a decision cannot be reached, the Chair shall make the final decision.

Unfortunately, only short-listed candidates will be informed of the outcome of their application.

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