Three Strathclyde Business School students attend G20 Youth Forum


Three Strathclyde Business School students will be joining student leaders from around the world this week by attending the G20 Youth Forum in Germany from May 7-11.

The G20 Youth Forum is the largest international event organised for young leaders in 2014 and about 1200 young leaders, parliamentarians, students and academics, representatives of the business world, governments and international organisations, will be participating in it.

MSc in Business and Management students Yanjie Yang and Divij Bahl will be attending alongside Economics undergraduate Andrew Tarnasiewicz.

Those students accepted for the G20 Youth Forum are designated roles as heads of state and ministers for youth delegations. The forum’s overall goals are to involve young leaders in resolving current, pressing economic and social problems, establish an intercultural dialogue and build business partnerships and friendships.

The G20 Youth Forum 2014 has three main platforms which will run in tandem with each other:

Representatives at the three-day event will produce a final communique that will be shared with the G20 Heads of States and leading international organisations including the International Monetary Fund, World Bank and European Commission.

The summit is an international non-governmental not-for-profit civil society project, independent from any government of the G8 or G20. Its aim is to represent independent views and opinions of a new generation of young leaders.

Economics student Andrew Tarnasiewicz said, “I applied for the UK Head of State and for the Tax System and Living Conditions for Youth summit and was successful in both my applications. This will be a very interesting experience for me as in the future I want to go into politics. Moreover, it’s a chance for me to expand my knowledge and be part of finding the right and correct solution for improving the international tax system mostly in favour of the Less Economically Developing countries. It will be great to share my ideas and debate about such a controversial and difficult topic.

“I see this as an opportunity to meet different students, business leaders and politicians and forge relationships which will last for years to come. The most interesting part is that our collective conclusions will actually be taken under consideration by the real future G20.”

Yanjie Yang, MBM student in the department of Strategy and Organisation, added, “I am to take the role of UK Minister of Education, and will be talking about education issues. During the opening ceremony I will be one of the panellists to give a five minute speech about the fact I was one of the organisers of an environmental protest in China in 2013.

“I will also be the chair of the Committee on Entrepreneurial Climate for Youth for the summit platform which will involve facilitating the discussion, driving the dialogues and enforcing the time limits of each meeting. I am looking forward to working and communicating with my peers and I hope the forum will provide opportunities to make ideas come true.”

The students will be reporting back on their experience after the event.  For more information on the G20 Youth Forum, click here. The Opening Ceremony (10.00-12.30 CET on May 8) and Closing Ceremony (14.00-16.30 CET on May 10) will be webcast live here.


Published: 7 May 2014

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