Student Guide to NEPTUNE

NEPTUNE is a postgraduate research administration system used by Strathclyde Business School, HaSS and Engineering Faculties.

Research students may be required to use NEPTUNE for the following:

  • Progress Reviews
  • Research Training Classes
  • Sharing Files with Supervisors

Students login to NEPTUNE using their Strathclyde University DS account. The username is of the form, e.g. ifs01234.

:: Progress Reviews

Postgraduate research students at the University of Strathclyde are reviewed on their research degree progress at regular intervals.

NEPTUNE notifies students by email when a progress review is due. In February 2013 a change was made to the review process so that the Progress Review form is now completed wholly online in Neptune. Previously a student would be required to complete their review form in a Word document and then upload it to Neptune.

The revised workflow for progress reviews is as follows:

  1. A student would normally expect to receive a review notification email five months after the date since their last review. This email asks the student to start the review process by completing in Neptune "Part 1 - Students' Report" of the review form. There is a unique Neptune web address in the email which the student clicks to start the process. The student is also able to upload any supporting documentation that they want considered for the review.
  2. The student is able to save what they enter in "Part 1 - Students' Report" and to continue editing it until they are ready to submit it. Once the student submits "Part 1 - Students' Report" an email notification is sent to the students’ supervisors and department administrators advising them that this has been done.
  3. Once "Part 1 - Students' Report" has been completed by the student the students’ supervisors will complete "Part 2 Supervisors' Report". After "Part 2 Supervisors' Report" has been submitted the students’ reviewers will complete "Part 3 - Review Outcomes and Feedback".
  4. When "Part 3 - Review Outcomes and Feedback" has been submitted an email will be sent to the student asking them to confirm (sign-off) that they have read the review report. The student will be able to see the completed review report in Neptune.
  5. After the student signs off their review an email will be sent to their department Research Director/HOD asking them to sign off the review and enter any additional comments that they may have on it. If the Research Director/HOD enters any comments these will then be emailed to the student and the student will also be able to see these comments in Neptune on the review report page. This completes the review process.

Once the review documentation has been uploaded to NEPTUNE a students' supervisors or administrative staff will arrange any appropriate review meeting that is required.

Note that not all students will receive Review email notifications from NEPTUNE. Some students may be excluded from taking part in this process by their department.

Students can see a record of their progress reviews in NEPTUNE (only reviews which have been added to NEPTUNE will be shown).

Information about the review process for students can be found on faculty websites at:

:: Research Training Classes

Research students in Strathclyde Business School are required to take Research Methodology classes run by the Business School. Some students from Engineering also take these classes.

Students taking these classes may be required to use NEPTUNE to:

  • Register for the classes
  • Submit assignments for the classes

Students are able to see their marks and any feedback in NEPTUNE once a lecturer has released the marks for an assignment.

Some lecturers may use MyPlace rather than NEPTUNE for their Research Methodology class.

:: Sharing Files with Supervisors

Students and staff can share files related to a student's research degree in NEPTUNE.

Staff (e.g. your supervisors, departmental administrator etc.) may upload files to NEPTUNE and make them available for you to access.

Students can upload files to NEPTUNE to share with their supervisors (see image of the Upload File page below) and view a list of all the files they have uploaded.


A supervisor may ask a student to keep a record of the meetings between the supervisor and student and have these minutes uploaded by the student to NEPTUNE. When a student chooses to upload a file to the Minutes of Meetings section the file is also emailed to the students' supervisors. Files uploaded to the CV and Miscellaneous sections are stored in the student's record in NEPTUNE which staff can see.


Students with queries about NEPTUNE can contact the following:

Last updated: 29 June 2012