Media mentions

This month, Professor David Hillier, Department of Accounting and Finance, was interviewed regarding the administration of Rangers FC for the STV evening news programme on February 15. The video can be viewed here.

Professor Hillier was also quoted in The Sun on February 15 in the article, "Rangers fans hit by £8million penalty".

Professor Brian Ashcroft commented on economics relating to an independent Scotland in two articles in The Scotsman: on February 8 in an article entitled "Debate on economics is only just starting" and on February 16 in an article in The Scotsman ("Salmond says Scotland can set aside £1bn oil cash a year") in which he commented on the SNP's claim about the viability of gleaning revenue from North Sea oil to sustain Scotland's economy in an independent Scotland.

Professor Robert Wright, Economics, commented in The Scotsman on February 1 in an article about infant deaths: "Stillbirths and infant deaths drop to record low in Scotland."

Professor Neil Kay, Economics, commented in the Press & Journal (February 1) on the Scottish Government's Road Equivalent Tariff aimed at evening the costs of travel by road and ferry