Research generates policy and practice recommendations for Scottish HEIs on tackling occupational segregation

Tackling occupational segregation is an essential step in creating more equal employment and development opportunities within Scottish higher education institutions (HEIs).

Research conducted by Strathclyde and Caledonian Universities, in collaboration with the Equality Challenge Unit (ECU), examined occupational segregation in Scottish HEIs – focusing on disability, gender and race. The research has generated recommendations for institutions to encourage a positive culture change.

Dr Pauline Anderson, Chancellor's Fellow in the Department of Human Resource Management, led the research team and commented, "This has been a truly collaborative project involving a numbers of HEIs at various stages of the research process. The recommendations for policy and practice were 'road tested' at a practitioners' workshop and we are confident that they will help support HEIs in their ongoing work to tackle occupational segregation and related pay gaps".

The report was launched at the dissemination event in the Scottish Universities' Insight Institute. Read the full report here.

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