Research workshop

On February 5, Professor Sarah Drakopoulou Dodd was an invited speaker and panel member at a research workshop on the theme "Family Business Research in the UK: Insights on COVID-19 and Social Impact".

The IFB Research Foundation and Centre for Family Business at Lancaster University Management School co-hosted this workshop, which brought together more than 100 family business researchers and practitioners.

The workshop was entitled “Repositioning Entrepreneurship”. Sarah argued that the academic study and teaching of entrepreneurship has taken a wrong turn, as it only focuses on a very narrow range of elite high-growth, high-tech and high-finance entrepreneurs. Sarah set out the case for a repositioning of entrepreneurship, focused on purposes beyond growth and on principles that honour the biosphere and each other. She called for the championing of ‘everyday entrepreneurs’ and for an active embracing of the richness and diversity of entrepreneurship at the ‘places of the edges’.