SBS offers three new MSc programmes

Three new Masters programmes have been launched by Strathclyde Business School for entry in September this year. 

All three programmes are focused on global issues and aim to provide graduates who are ready to work in organisations tackling issues such as climate change, global energy systems, increasing global population and poverty. 

The three programmes are: MSc Health Analysis, Policy and ManagementMSc Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship; and MSc Economics & Policy of Energy ClimatChange.

The MSc Economics & Policy of Energy & Climate Change addresses the complex and increasingly more extreme challenges and uncertainties that industries, economies, governments and societies face.  

The course will educate students about the rapid changes within the global energy system and the way in which this is impacted by climate change and by the efforts to mitigate its impacts. Changes within the global energy system include escalating energy demand, constraints on supplies, impacts on energy mix, introduction of smart grids, fluctuating energy prices, and changing demographics and patterns of energy use and supply. 

The course has been designed to maximise the opportunities for industry engagement and offers excellent opportunities to network with energy and climate change specialists from a broad range of organisations. Industry-relevant field trips are also part of the programme and these are intended to help students know more about the industry and help conceptualise knowledge.  

Students will have the opportunity too to take part in events organised by the Scottish Energy Forum. 

Over the past year health has become a major focus for everyone, with the novel coronavirus - or COVID-19 - hitting the headlines daily. The pandemic has taken a toll on individuals, businesses and health agencies, and health expertise has never been more called for. With this background in mind, Strathclyde Business School is introducing a new programme MSc Health Analysis, Policy and Management for September 2021 start.  

The MSc Health Analysis, Policy & Management has been developed to equip students with the practical, evaluative, and analytical skills needed to influence and develop strategy and performance in the healthcare sector. 

The skills learned will help students apply for roles at different levels in organisations across the health sector, including in hospitals, health systems, healthcare consulting firms, governments, and other local and international health organisations. They're also useful tools for beginning an academic research career in the area. 

The programme is offered by the Management Science Department whose academics are actively engaged in research and consulting work for UK and international health organisations, including the English and Scottish National Health Services in the UK. Students will work on summer projects relevant to the healthcare context and where applicable for these organisations. 

Climate change, the threat of pandemics, increase in world population and poverty are only some of the mega-trends that require novel solutions and business models to implement them – never before has social innovation and entrepreneurship been so central to society. 

So now is the perfect time for the Hunter Centre to launch its latest programme, the MSc Social Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The practical and career-focused programme provides space for students to explore contemporary social and sustainable issues. The programme features practical classes and labs where work is carried out on creative problem solving for local and national businesses, as well as working on issues of global interest. 

Students are taught core areas of the business venturing content and processes in modules such as Mindset Lab, Entrepreneurial Finance, and Entrepreneurial Management and Leadership. The last part of the programme is a summer project for a social enterprise, working closely with an organisation to conduct voluntary work or project fieldwork. Course participants will be able to apply their theoretical knowledge and apply it through this real-world project. In addition to learning through fieldwork, students will also benefit from social enterprise and impact seminar events, which will be hosted by Hunter Centre for Entrepreneurship and open to the community. 

Here are the web links for further information on these programmes: