Strathclyde Business School introduces Global Practitioners initiative

At Strathclyde Business School we recognise the pace of change in Higher Education has accelerated, disrupting traditional operating models and driving innovation in the design and experience of the learning journey.

In this shifting context, Strathclyde Business School has introduced the Global Practitioner initiative - this is an organisational innovation aimed at placing practical expertise and content relevance alongside academic knowledge and intellectual challenge at the heart of a high-quality, transformative student experience.

Bridging theory and practice, global practitioners play a crucial role in stimulating and facilitating learning for our MBA, executive education and specialist master’s students. Our Global Practitioners are a new class of colleagues from a diverse range of industries and backgrounds, reflecting the broad nature of subjects addressed in our general management programmes and the rich variety of students and colleague profiles in our learning environment.

Photo of the group

Starting September 2022, 30 Global Practitioners will be joining the business school to support development and delivery of the MBA and specialist master programmes. Yesterday (April 5) the business school welcomed 16 of the Global Practitioners for an induction day and were welcomed by Camila Zrein, MBA External Engagement Officer (far left in the photograph).