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BF992 Research Methods (20 credits) » 27 October - 31 October 2014

Research Methods introduces students to a range of different methodological approaches to conducting research and key issues researchers are commonly faced with (e.g. relevance of practitioner engagement, ethics). Students will be provided a broad overview of research choices and issues from the perspective of Strathclyde staff representing each department in the Business Faculty who will present vignettes from their own research projects.

BF991 Research Philosophy (20 credits) » 1 - 5 December 2014

Research Philosophy provides the philosophical foundations for research methods training. It is based on the premise that an appreciation of the philosophical dimensions of research is essential if students are to make appropriate methodological choices in their research, to defend the knowledge claims of their work, and to evaluate critically the contributions of others in the research community.

BF996 Writing and Presenting Research (10 credits) » 13 - 15 January 2015

Writing & Presenting Research addresses issues associated with writing and presenting research for academic (e.g. thesis, research paper, viva) and user group (e.g. newspaper article, public speaking) purposes. It also deals with the development of a research proposal and develops skills required for academic research. The class provides skills that will help students create, promote and defend a thesis or dissertation.

BF997 Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research (10 credits) » 21 - 23 January 2015

Interdisciplinary Collaborative Research aims to help participants understand the nature and dynamics of collaborative research. The class draws on the extensive research on collaboration conducted within the Department of Management. It develops the requisite skills for engaging in such projects. University-wide participation from researchers at various stages of their career is encouraged.

BF994 Introduction to Quantitative Methods » 24 - 26 February 2015

Introduction to Quantitative Methods: Survey Design & Analysis introduces survey design and analysis and acts as a first step in providing basic statistical knowledge for students wanting to go on to Advanced Quantitative Methods. It will enable students considering mixed methods to acquire skills to allow successful use of survey methods.

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BF998 Advanced Quantitative Methods (10 credits) » 17 - 19 March 2015

Advanced Quantitative Methods builds on Introduction to Advanced Quantitative Methods: Survey Design and Analysis. It is designed to provide students with more advanced skills in statistical methods. The module will develop student's understanding of widely used multivariate data analysis techniques used in management research, and introduce students to more contemporary statistical tools.

BF995 Advanced Qualitative Methods (20 credits) » 27 April - 1 May 2015

Advanced Qualitative Methods develops knowledge, understanding and skills in the implementation of a variety of qualitative methods. Links will be explored between methodological position and methods adopted as a basis for developing and defending the student's own methodological position and choice of methods applied. It will also build student's ability to critique qualitative research in extant literature and consider the methodological foundations for such studies.

BF984 Research Colloquium (10 credits) » 29 May 2015

The Research Colloquium provides students with an opportunity to present and prosecute their proposed research and to develop their appreciation of research-related issues, methodological and conceptual , in the context of their own project. It requires participation in a colloquium setting with other research student peers and staff, and submission of a written piece of work. The assignments for this class represent a significant milestone in the dissertation or thesis of research students in the Business School.