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See you next week Joe. Thanks
Tarun Gupta at 10:46, Wed 5th April, 2017
I have appointment with Sean next week. I will check with him. Regarding the program content: I am from a technical background and now want to change my career to Business side. Will this Programme provide me enough exposure to enter In business world
Joe Heng

Yes, we look forward to seeing you next Monday.

Answered by: Joe Heng at 10:42, Wed 5th April, 2017

Tarun Gupta at 10:41, Wed 5th April, 2017
Thanks I will Send an e-mail regarding the alumni of chemical industries. Also would like to check about the scholarships offered and criteria for them.
Joe Heng

Hi Tarun,

We do not offer scholarship for the programme in Singapore but we do have grant available. Please email Sean Tan at seantan@ymca.edu.sg for information regarding the grant.

Answered by: Joe Heng at 10:33, Wed 5th April, 2017

Tarun Gupta at 10:31, Wed 5th April, 2017
Hi Thanks for the reply. May I know regarding the career Counselling services available for participitants. Also can we get the access to Counselling once we start the MBA or do we need to wait until we graduate.
Joe Heng

Hi Tarun,

Our MBA students come from a variety of employment backgrounds, and therefore we try to make sure that we provide as much relevant information and guidance as possible  - if you'd like to hear first hand experiences from our alumni in this field and find out how they progressed in their career following completion of the Strathclyde MBA, then please e-mail me directly on angela.innes@strath.ac.uk and I'll get in touch with them.

Re your second question:  As part of our Career and Development Programme we offer;

  •  *strategies to support self-awareness, personal skills development, competency audits, and professional development needs
  •  *workshops on core career skills such as CV building, interviews, assessment centres, social media and online branding
  •  *seminars on key skills such as presentation, pitching, networking, culture management and personal impact
  •  *exclusive insights from successful alumni and company leaders through our Lunch and Learn programme and guest speakers
  •  *unlimited one-to-one access to an accredited careers and leadership coach

We also offer our applicants a chat with Irene Aitkenhead Taylor (Career and Development Manager) at the Admissions stage, this then enables our applicants to make an informed choice before committing.

Answered by: Joe Heng at 10:21, Wed 5th April, 2017

Tarun Gupta at 10:14, Wed 5th April, 2017
How strong is our alumni for Chemical Industry
Angela McAulay

Thank you for your question.  There is almost 1000 Strathclyde graduates in Singapore form a wide range of degree programmes.  I would recommend you make contact with our Singapore Alumni Association - admin@usas.sg.  The president is G.K. Goh.  Hope this helps.

Answered by: Angela McAulay at 10:11, Wed 5th April, 2017

Joe Heng

Hi Tarun,
Our students come from diverse industries like Aerospace, Oil & Gas, Finance, Engineering, including people from the Chemical Industry. This is a good mix for strong and vibrant networking opportunities amongst alumni and students. 

Answered by: Joe Heng at 10:12, Wed 5th April, 2017

Tarun Gupta at 10:04, Wed 5th April, 2017

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