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Hi, I just wanted to ask i have applied to this master due being able to do it online, are all the classes core and elective adapted to do then online ? Kind Regards, Miryam
Fiona McIntosh

Hi Miryam, are you taking the course part-time?  The classes that are not currently available online will be taking by you in year 2 of your studies and will be available online by then.

Answered by: Fiona McIntosh at 12:19, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Miryam at 12:14, Wed 22nd July, 2020
Hi I hold a conditional offer for MSc Applied Economics (pending documentation) on a part-time basis over two years, I have just seen from comment below that one of the modules I was keen on studying Modelling and Analysis of Economic Data is not available, is this due to Covid reasons? Also can you advise what the new timetable will look like for students studying part-time Many thanks Aishling
Fiona McIntosh

Hi Aishling, please do not worry the two classes mentioned were only for online delivery, they will both be available via blended learning and hopefully on campus when virus restrictions allow.

Answered by: Fiona McIntosh at 11:56, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Fiona McIntosh

Hi Aishling, all i can say about the timetables at the moment is how they ran in 2019/20 but we do expect that the timetables will be the same for 2020/21.  In year 1 core classes will be on Thursdays in Semester 1 and on Fridays in Semester 2.  The elective classes you want to take will determine the remainder of your timetable but all elective classes can be taken online.

Answered by: Fiona McIntosh at 12:01, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Aishling at 11:49, Wed 22nd July, 2020
Hi Lucy, thanks I will do so now. Regards, Pritam
Lucy Reynolds

Thanks Pritam - i've just responded to you. 

Best regards


Answered by: Lucy Reynolds at 11:49, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Pritam at 11:40, Wed 22nd July, 2020
Hi Fiona, thanks for that, my full name is Pritam Prabhu. It would be of great help if you could so I am able to start the visa application process.
Lucy Reynolds

Hi Pritam

Can you pease email me at with yoru application number and i'll check for you.


Best regards


Answered by: Lucy Reynolds at 11:39, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Pritam at 11:31, Wed 22nd July, 2020
Sorry for the delay this morning, i have had some technical issue which i hope are now resolved.
Fiona McIntosh at 11:27, Wed 22nd July, 2020

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