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Thank you all for joining us today, the virtual fair is about to end. I hope you found it useful. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact me at
Daniel Livingstone at 12:30, Wed 22nd July, 2020
Thank you very much Daniel. Have a great day!
Alicia at 12:29, Wed 22nd July, 2020
Thank you very much for the live chat - it is really great and helpful ! Finally from me: 1. Who fulfils the Administration condition - the Uni or me?? 2. Do I have to fulfil the Financial condition first before Administration condition could be fulfilled?
Daniel Livingstone

Hi Alicia, I'm glad you found it useful!  The administrative condition is met by the university, once you have met all academic conditions and paid your deposit, your application will be passed to our central admissions team for a final check on your application to ensure everything is in order.  Once this check has been completed the administrative condition will be fulfilled.

Answered by: Daniel Livingstone at 12:27, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Alicia at 12:25, Wed 22nd July, 2020
Hi Daniel, thanks for your reply. No I'm not studying undergraduate at Stratch at the moment. I have a conditional offer based on references, financial conditions and admin conditions(When all of your academic conditions have been met, or no academic conditions apply, a final Admissions check on your application must be satisfactorily completed.) 1. i just logged in my PEGASUS account, and even though my referee confirmed replying to the UNI, it has not been updated yet on the portal. 2. how do we fulfill administration condition?
Daniel Livingstone

Hello Yannick, could I please ask you to send me an email with your application ID number and I will look into this for you.  You can reach me at

Answered by: Daniel Livingstone at 12:04, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Yannick Mbock at 12:01, Wed 22nd July, 2020
One last thing, about the January apprenticeship, do you reckon there will be any challenges for that, considering the pandemic, on the whole what are your views about the post pandemic job market in scotland/UK and i hope MSc Business analysis is a Level 7 program
Mouhamad Ali Agha

Hi Amrit, 

The whole situation is highly uncertain as you know. For the apprenticeships I think we will still able to deliver on that as currently our students do summer projects with companies. It has to be remote as you would imagine if the situation continue to be the same as now. For the job market, it would depend how the world is going to recover and depends on the sector that you are going to. 

Answered by: Mouhamad Ali Agha at 12:06, Wed 22nd July, 2020

amrit at 11:56, Wed 22nd July, 2020

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