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Hi Christine, also wanted to get an information about collection of BRP. I wish to reach the UK in the early weeks of September and finish my quarantine at my sister's place in England and then shift to Glasgow. In this case, I might have to give my sister's address as primary address to which my BRP would be delivered. I was also told that i might need to produce a letter given by the college in order to collect the BRP. What is the exact process can you please help?
Christine Speirs

Hi Sandilya

I am not familiar with the process of obtaining the BRP. If you could please email me your question to me and i will find out who may able to answer this. 



Answered by: Christine Speirs at 12:27, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Sandilya Vadlamani at 12:20, Wed 22nd July, 2020
Hi Christine, Are the internationally taught courses still being conducted this year? Also, how are the courses and classes structured and what is their mode of delivery? Looking at the situation in Scotland and it's recovery rate, things might come back to normal very soon. Even then, are the classes being offered/delivered online?
Christine Speirs

Hi Sandilya

Yes, we are pleased that the situation here, in Scotland, is improving, however, at the moment the planned approach for September is still the same as announced a few weeks ago. The first 2-3 weeks will be presented predominantly online, including the student induction sessions and lecturer interaction. Following this, the expectation is that we will then transition to a ‘blended learning’ mode of delivery, over a 3-5-week period.



Answered by: Christine Speirs at 12:08, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Sandilya Vadlamani at 11:58, Wed 22nd July, 2020
What are the softwares that we will be using in my MBA course?
Christine Speirs

Hi Chandu

We have a MBA chat room where you can ask this type of question. This room is for our MSc taught programmes.



Answered by: Christine Speirs at 12:02, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Chandu at 11:56, Wed 22nd July, 2020
Hi! I have paid the deposit for MBM. When can I expect my CAS?
Christine Speirs

Hi Sandilya

You should recieve your CAS by the end of next week.



Answered by: Christine Speirs at 11:43, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Sandilya Vadlamani at 11:41, Wed 22nd July, 2020
Good morning I'm glad that I have been offered a place to study at University of Strathclyde, Strathclyde Business School will help me to achieve my career goals. I need to know about scholarships, I have not been considered for the scholarship, I don't know the reason why, SAAS award will help me towards less than half of the tuition fees, I don't know how to pay the rest I'll struggle as I'm on Universal credit, even if the University arranged for me to pay in instalments I will not be able to pay them, can the University provide me help regarding the tuition fees. Thanks
Christine Speirs

H Hadeel

Thank you for your questions.

Our scholarships are very competitive and, unfortunately, we only have a small amount of scholarship awards to give out compared to the number of offer holders we have this year.  If you email me directly with your application number i can discuss this with you further.  In regards to other sources of funding you can search our scholarship and funding page:

Kind regards


Answered by: Christine Speirs at 11:22, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Hadeel Osman at 11:10, Wed 22nd July, 2020

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