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How were the job opportunities upon completion of the MBA?
Marc Ensch

Hu Nkiru. None of our studens today is an MBA student. However, you can ermail our MBA External Engagement Officer (former MBA student) who can talk to oyu about her own experience, or find another alumni to connect with. You can email Thanks

Answered by: Marc Ensch at 12:51, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Nkiru at 12:39, Wed 22nd July, 2020
Hello, i will be starting my full time MBA this September, what was your experience like. How were the interaction and classes
Nkiru Anisiobi at 12:37, Wed 22nd July, 2020
I will be starting my full time MBA from this sep.How are job oppurtunities for MBA students?
chandu at 12:34, Wed 22nd July, 2020
How are job oppurtunities for your own peer group? Everybody went back to theri own country?
Rostyslav Sergiyenko

Hi Chandu!


Getting a job in the United Kingdom is challenging. Those who got a job participated in internships during their third year and were selected for the graduate job. If you are planning to apply for MA/MSc program, you should apply for graduate schemes since day 1 for all opportunities. If your marks are high, you have required experience, and you are active, recruiters may consider you! Nevertheless, it is incredibly challenging. Especially if you are an international student, and it applies to every international student everywhere in the UK.


Most people are either continuing their studies in the UK or returning home and securing their job there with their UK diploma.




MSc International Management

Answered by: Rostyslav Sergiyenko at 12:21, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Ann Issac

Hi Chandu, University career services assists students with job opportunities. If you could provide details on your course and country, we could try and find an alumni to provide you additional information.

Answered by: Ann Issac at 12:21, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Elizabeth Rivers

Hi! Currently my class is working on our dissertation so we have not begun to search for jobs, of course during lockdown though there were not many job opportunities available. However, we have been seeing that job opportunities are beginning to pick up again and will continue to do so. 

Answered by: Elizabeth Rivers at 12:22, Wed 22nd July, 2020

chandu at 12:03, Wed 22nd July, 2020
That's great to know! Are there any opportunities at the university for part time? Specially for students like myself who have a sizable industry work experience if that helps.
Marc Ensch

This will depend on the course you have applied for. Can you tell me which one this is? Most of our courses have some form of industry engagement (e.g. guest lecturers, summer projects with companies). You may wish to ask the same question in the relevant department chat room. Thanks, Marc

Answered by: Marc Ensch at 12:08, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Ashvet at 12:01, Wed 22nd July, 2020

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