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When exactly in September is the course program going to commence? My program is MSc International Human Resource Management.
Karen Morrison

Hi Adebolaji,

The online induction will take place week beginning 14th September.

Kind regards, Karen

Answered by: Karen Morrison at 12:13, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Adebolaji Nimyel at 12:01, Wed 22nd July, 2020
I know we are only required to take one 10 credit elective class, however I was wondering if it would be possible to take more than one of these? I know some are offered through the Business School's Spring School, would there be capacity to attend this to complete more of these elective classes, and will the Spring School still be running?
Karen Morrison

Hi Rosanna,

You are only required to take 180 credits so you can atttend only 1 elective.   The Spring School takes place in April - I have no information re. if it will run or not.  If it takes place, you can choose to take a Spring School elective and not one specific to the HRM programme.

Kind regards, Karen

Answered by: Karen Morrison at 12:16, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Rosanna Jenkins at 11:59, Wed 22nd July, 2020
How are emplyment oppurtunities for MBA?
Lucy Reynolds

Hi Chandu

This the room for programms related to Human Resource programmes - you should pop into the MBA room for MBA specific questions. 

Best regards


Answered by: Lucy Reynolds at 12:00, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Chandu at 11:57, Wed 22nd July, 2020
Another Scholarship question, if you secure the Deans Excellence award, are you still eligible for the 10% off the fees if you studied your undergraduate degree at Strathclyde?
Lucy Reynolds


Generally applicants can only hold one scholarship and it is also at the discretion of the Scholarship awarding department whether they also allow a scholarship to be awarded to SAAS funded students too. 

You can contact us directly to discuss your specific fiancial situation directly as this is a public forum.

Best regards


Answered by: Lucy Reynolds at 11:59, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Fiona Marshall at 11:55, Wed 22nd July, 2020
If a scholarship is granted and you have secured SAAS funding for the rest of the fees, what happens with the £750 deposit?
Lucy Reynolds

Hi Fiona

Normally a scholaship plus SAAS funding wouldn't quite cover the deposit, which still needs to be paid, but this may depend on the precise amount of SAAS funding you have secured, which can vary, so please drop us an email to discuss further. 

Best regards


Answered by: Lucy Reynolds at 11:53, Wed 22nd July, 2020

Fiona Marshall at 11:47, Wed 22nd July, 2020

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