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Studying abroad - a worthwhile decision

By Shraddha Sharma - Posted on 21 April 2022

Shraddha Sharma decided to leave home comforts behind and move from India to Scotland to study. Here she explains her reasons for doing so and what she makes of the course so far. 

Leaving your comfort zone completely and moving from your home – not just your home but your home country, in my case India - is another level of adventure. I was scared of doing this but finally ended up taking this step with enthusiasm, passion and curiosity to learn more about life. 

I was a 20-year-old who had never even been out of her hometown for more than a week, but I decided to pursue my higher studies abroad and fly to Scotland, UK, to do so. I knew that my study abroad journey would be intimidating at first, overwhelming and a little scary but, speaking from my heart, this is all I wanted from my life: I wanted a major shift, I wanted to get out of my comfort zone entirely and get the international exposure I have always craved, to meet different people from different nationalities, know about different cultures and, moreover, experience growth. 

All these factors motivated me to start a new life in Glasgow and pursue the MSc in International Human Resource Management at the University of Strathclyde Business School. I took this course largely because of the interesting modules it offers, like how to manage diversity in multinationals, employee legal rules and regulations of different countries. Most importantly, I have always been keen on studying more about human psychology as well as understanding human behaviour which further helped me develop my interest in this particular course. I believe this course will definitely prepare me for the professional corporate world I am planning to step into soon. 

Since the time I stepped out of my comfort zone, I have noticed a lot of changes in myself. Being completely independent makes you realise the value of little things in life. In terms of weather, people, accent, food, and so on, I faced few problems, however, being an adaptable person, I managed to make myself comfortable with all these new aspects of my life with grace as well as with a sense of curiosity. Scotland has been an amazing experience so far. What I love about this place is its people - they are warm and welcoming - and also I love Scotland’s speciality which is Shortbread biscuits, extremely delicious and tasty! 

Talking about the university, it provides the students studying here with great exposure and experience. There is always something or other happening in the Uni and loads of opportunities are available for students to get involved in, such as being part of different clubs and societies. The union is the most exciting and vibrant place one could go to and, personally speaking, as an international student I am quite content with Strathclyde Business School and with all the great things it has to offer. 

It was difficult for me to take this life changing initiative but I am glad I made this leap as in the end, it’s all worth it. 

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