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My transformative journey at Strathclyde

By Sarah Carvalho - Posted on 27 June 2024

Sarah Carvalho is an international student from Brazil – part of the September 2023 intake at Strathclyde. Here, she shares a little about her journey as an MSc student in Digital Marketing Management.  

First of all, I need to say that deciding to join the programme was a very important moment in my career and personal growth. Before enrolling in the course, I was working full-time as a content producer for an SEO-specialised company in Brazil. 

I had a background in journalism, but the pandemic shifted my career trajectory towards digital marketing, sparking a desire to deepen my knowledge and skills in this dynamic field.

Strathclyde's MSc Digital Marketing Management programme proved to be the perfect match for my aspirations.

Why Strathclyde?

The decision to pursue my MSc at Strathclyde was influenced by several factors. I was particularly drawn to the hands-on experience offered through the digital transformative project, where students are tasked with enhancing a website's traffic and conversion rates.  

This practical approach promised a direct application of theoretical knowledge, bridging the gap between academia and industry. Additionally, the partnership with a company in the digital marketing sector and the inclusion of guest lecturers provided invaluable industry insights, reinforcing the programme's relevance in a constantly evolving field. 

Valuable learning experiences

One of the highlights of my time at Strathclyde was the comprehensive curriculum, especially the modules focused on consumer behaviour. These courses provided profound insights into understanding customer motivations and preferences, which are crucial for effective digital marketing strategies. 

The guest lectures were another amazing feature of the course, offering us the opportunity to learn from professionals actively engaged in the field. Their real-world experiences and practical advice enriched our learning experience, making the theoretical concepts more tangible and applicable.

Despite having prior experience in digital marketing, the MSc programme exposed me to new aspects of the profession that I was previously unaware of. This expanded my knowledge base and equipped me with a broader skill set, enhancing my capabilities and confidence as a digital marketing professional. 

The programme's emphasis on up-to-date content and tools ensured that we were learning the latest industry trends and techniques, preparing us for digital marketing challenges effectively.

Interactive learning 

The quality of teaching at Strathclyde exceeded my expectations. The professors, who are leaders in their respective fields, brought a lot of knowledge to the classroom. 

We were encouraged to actively participate in discussions, share our experiences, and collaborate with classmates from diverse backgrounds. This exchange of ideas enriched the learning process, as the group of students is usually formed by people with different backgrounds.  

Living in Glasgow 

Being a student in Glasgow was (and is) an incredible experience. The city has a very vibrant cultural scene, friendly locals, and a cosmopolitan atmosphere making it a welcoming and exciting place to live. 

I also need to mention the sense of community among students, which made my time at Strathclyde and Glasgow even better, creating what I hope will be lasting friendships.

Future plans 

Upon completing my MSc, I was fortunate to secure a post-graduate position in the digital marketing field. This opportunity has allowed me to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during my studies to real-life scenarios, affirming the practical value of the programme. 

Looking ahead, I am considering the possibility of returning to Strathclyde to pursue a PhD.

Advice for future students 

For those considering the MSc programme at Strathclyde, my advice is to stay on top of your readings and assignments. The workload can be demanding, with multiple deadlines piling up, so staying organised is crucial.

Most importantly, savour every moment of your time at Strathclyde. The experience is enriching and goes by so quickly... before you know it, you’ll be graduating with many memories to cherish.

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