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Why study in Glasgow? It’s my kind of town!

By Christian Aamodt - Posted on 2 April 2013

The decision of enrolling in a foreign university is a difficult decision. Christian Aamodt is a Danish national studying at Strathclyde Business School and living in Glasgow – he gives us his insight into what the city has to offer…

Last summer, I decided to sign up for a postgraduate degree in MSc International Management with Strathclyde Business School being my first choice. Now, while the coursework keeps me busy, my class still finds the time to relax together - which is impressive considering we’re made up of 18 nationalities. Our Social Committee tries to incorporate cultural events such as celebrating the Diwali festival of light and Chinese New Year. During Diwali we asked some of our Indian course mates to give a short presentation explaining its meaning and why they celebrate it. These events have brought us closer together as a class and have also given me an insight into different cultures.

Glasgow itself is a great city. It’s great in the sense that it has plenty of beautiful old architecture and many of my class members will travel around at night taking pictures. Glasgow, being the largest city in Scotland, has something for everyone, whether you like shopping, going to restaurants, clubbing, sightseeing etc. there is something for everyone, including free Museums.

Glasgow is home to more than 45,000 students and the city’s nightlife is incredibly vibrant with countless pubs, bars and clubs. I’ve been here six months and have yet to cover even a fraction of the total. The University also arranges regular international nights (usually every Wednesday) where all the international students meet at a new place each week. This makes for a great night out and is the perfect way to meet new friends.

The people here are incredibly friendly and have made me feel very welcome in Scotland. I find they are just as interested in learning about where I’m from as I am about them. The one thing I will say though is that the accent can at times be difficult to understand but you quickly get used to it!

Scotland itself is amazing. Edinburgh, with all its history is just a 50 minute train ride away and you can easily arrange a day trip - something I can highly recommend. Travelling through the Scottish countryside with the rolling hills, and their snow covered peaks in the distance is something that I really enjoy and is a world away from my homeland.

Now it’s not always easy being an international student in a different country – but to be honest I have found the transition incredibly easy, particularly as the University is very helpful and has excellent facilities to ensure that your time is as enjoyable as possible. Things like health insurance are covered by the NHS, which the University helps you register with – any documentation that you require regarding visas, tax, and rent is available and the University staff have always helped with any problems.

All in all, I decided to go to Strathclyde Business School without having ever been to Scotland and it’s fair to say it’s a decision I haven’t regretted. Glasgow is a wonderful city which I continue to explore and make amazing memories as I continue to study for my MSc in International Management. I am going to treasure the rest of my time in this course and would recommend the experience to anyone.

Is there anything that you would like to know about studying the MSc International Management course or studying in Glasgow as a foreign student? Let me know by commenting below.

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