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Life and learning in Glasgow: MSc Investment and Finance

By Fatih Aydogdu - Posted on 29 June 2017

Now working as a Financial Consultant for one of the Big Four companies in the industry, Fatih Aydogdu talks about Strathclyde’s MSc Investment and Finance programme.

I was writing my thesis and close to graduating with my bachelor degree in 2015 after three years of business administration with finance as my major but I felt that it was not enough to enter the industry and start my career.

At this point I started to look for a programme that offered the opportunity to specialise my knowledge and also give me a wider set of opportunities. I was looking for a university with a great reputation and a location for new adventures.

I applied to Strathclyde while writing my thesis so I did not have much time. My first preference was to finish my thesis but at the same time I did not want to have a gap between my bachelor degree and master programme. Luckily, the application process for Strathclyde Business School was way easier and faster than I expected. The process was finalised within a couple of weeks. The short and quick application process made it easier to focus on the organisational things needed to study abroad in a new city - such as finding accommodation, health insurance, and opening a bank account.

One reason I decided to come to Strathclyde was its reputation for the quality of the programme which I read up on before I came. The quality of the university and the programme distinguishes itself with its professional approach to teaching. I had the opportunity to learn from lecturers who hadn’t spent their whole career within academia: lecturers who were formerly key people in the financial industry with the accompanying knowledge and experience. They are there for the entire course beside you and they try to prepare you as much as possible for professional life in the industry.

The MSc Investment and Finance course is made up of three semesters over 12 months. In comparison, a masters course in my home country of Germany is made up of four semesters over two years. This indicates the intensive nature and high quality standard of the course.

Classes such Derivative and Treasury Management, Financial Analysis or Advanced Topics in Corporate Finance helped to enlarge my interest and knowledge in those fields. Classes like International Banking and Quantitative Finance also helped me at the same time to enlarge my knowledge in the wider financial environment.

Beside the content of the course, the timing of the course is convenient. After submitting my master thesis, I had a couple of months until my graduation which was perfect to reorganise and find a job. I started my professional career two weeks after my graduation.

Today, I am working as a Financial Consultant for one of the Big Four companies in the industry. I am part of a team of financial advisers which consults several firms from mid-cap to blue-chip companies. The combination in my job of theory with real business is what makes me satisfied and convinces me that my decision to do a Masters degree was the right decision.

Glasgow is a city full of love and life. I have been to many cities around Europe and also studied in two cities before - one with more than 15 million citizens and the other a nice town with a population of 350,000 but there is nowhere I enjoyed living as much as Glasgow. It seemed to combine the places where I previously lived - a big city packed into a small place.  It offers a wide range of natural beauties and landscapes but at the same time it comes with a nightlife which no one can ignore!

If you ask me how and why Glasgow fascinated me so much, I can say it is definitely because of the people. As the city says already: “People make Glasgow.” People that are open minded, lovely, enjoyable and always ready for a laugh welcomed me with open arms and let me be part of them.

Today I can say that the combination of both the quality of the university and the life in Glasgow was an experience which will take me further on life’s journey.

The focus on the major in the course but also the attention not to lose the big picture ensures the quality of the programme and transparency for the real business. I look back and remember 12 months of hard work and people who are now lifelong friends of my life - and all of it happened in Glasgow. A city that convinced me to come back one day.

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