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A programme with impact: Masters in Business and Management

By Arman Sali - Posted on 2 August 2017

Graduate Arman Sali reflects on his Masters in Business and Management (MBM) degree two years ago and how it prepared him for his corporate life post-graduation.

I still remember the moment when I was offered a place on the Strathclyde Business School MSc Business and Management around two years ago. 

At that time, I had just obtained my Bachelor’s degree in Greece and was looking forward to the next step of my studies – to do a Masters degree abroad. I had offers from several business schools across different countries, however there were more than enough reasons to make me choose the Strathclyde MBM over the rest. Its international reputation and high ranking amongst other business degrees and the cultural diversity that characterises its students were just a couple of them. 

Moreover, Strathclyde offered value for money, being a top class business school with a significantly lower price tag than the rest. Finally, the thought of living in a lively city like Glasgow and having the opportunity to explore stunning Scotland for a year was the cherry on the cake that made this decision so easy.

Thinking about my year in Glasgow always makes me nostalgic and proud about the experiences I had and memories that were built. The MBM class was a wonderful mixture of people from all over the world and was diverse on many levels. A dynamic blend of cultures, backgrounds, religions, and career interests made me realise how much someone can learn just from working with different people and learning a bit about them. 

The MBM also shares some modules with some other business degrees (Master in International Management, Project Management and Innovation, Finance and Management) which only meant more people to meet and work with and an even greater overall student experience.

In addition, the academic personnel of the university were always there to support us in our day to day activities as well as organising events and making sure that our experience was the best possible. We always had someone to go to for any concern or issue and the modern way of teaching in the class was something completely mind-blowing for me, especially when comparing it with the old fashioned teaching techniques that were used while studying my bachelor’s back home. The choice of modules is also worth mentioning, considering that we studied subjects that gave us a well-rounded introductory view of the world of business and providing us with the opportunity to explore our interests and passions in order to discover the individual career direction each one of us was aspiring to follow.

Being enrolled in a graduate scheme of a large global corporation for almost a year now, I realise how much the MBM and the year in Strathclyde Business School helped me improve myself in several aspects, see the world in a different perspective depending the occasion and learn how to “tame” my skill set for the best possible result. 

Through this year there were difficult moments that made me doubt my decision to do this course, but reflecting on it now, these situations are and will be present throughout my whole life-time and what I learned from them makes me even more confident about this decision I made two years ago.

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